KX/ KX Mini
We have a range of commercial style systems available, our smaller range, the Micro KX as well as our KX systems which are available in two-pipe and three-pipe (heat recovery). Fastflex and MHIAA assist every step of the way, from the design, quote and tender stage right through to site inspections, installation and commissioning.
KX Micros:
The KX Micro systems are all single fan condensers and are available in 11.2kw, 14.0kw and 15.5kw systems; all systems are available in single phase and three phase.
These systems can have as little as 1 unit connected (which can turn our 15.5kw condenser if connected with a 16.0kw ducted indoor unit into a 15.5kw single phase ducted system-something that is not currently available in the standard PAC range) and as many as 8 indoor units connected at any one time; the diversity/ range of indoor units is substantial and can be designed to suit any residential or smaller commercial application.
The KX systems are available in a range of sizes, perfect to suit larger domestic applications as well as large commercial projects such as hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, etc.
KX two-pipe systems are available in three phase and start from 22.4kw right up to 56.0kw (single condenser) and up to 168.0kw when combined.
Two-pipe KX systems have a minimum connection capacity of two indoor units and a maximum of 80 indoor units connected.
Three Pipe systems are available from 22.4kw system right up to 136.0kw (when combined).
The connect ability of these units can have as little as 2 indoor units and as many as 80 indoor units connected at any one time.

Fastflex are at the ready to answer any questions you have with regards to technical abilities/enquiries and are able to assist in the design of a system to suit your application for all our customers that have completed VRF training. Please contact us directly for all KX enquiries.

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